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Houseleek, lemon and honey Lemon, who previously well washed, put into the water with one teaspoon of baking soda and let it sit for an hour. Then rinse thoroughly and cut into slices, and then together with 300 grams of clean sheets houseleek grind and strain through cheesecloth. In the liquid, add 750 hemroids symptoms and treatment. Treating hemorrhoids depends on the extent of the disease. According to some classifications there are four stages.
Hemorrhoids hemroids-hemorrhoids-blog first stage are smaller and are diagnosed anoskopskim examination. Do not stick out to (protrude) from the anal canal, and the symptoms are usually minor bleeding, occasional itching and burning.
Second-degree hemorrhoids stick out during defecation, but immediately Varac anal canal after discharge.
In the third degree hemorrhoids during defecation stick out through the channel, but by the patient can go back (reponirati). Often stick out with some effort. Unlike reponibilnog third grade, fourth degree hemorrhoids are not reponirati ie back.

In the treatment of hemorrhoids, the first and possibly second-degree approach is conservative. Transcribed suppositories and ointments, recommended diet with more fruits, vegetables and grains, increased fluid intake, avoiding sharp spices and alcohol, and generally larger effort. This approach symptoms diminish or disappear in two to seven days.
In case of failure of the therapy, treatment can begin injecting a sclerosing solution. Usually sclerosed typical of every eight days. In recent years, sclerosant therapy replaces IRC (IR) photocoagulation. Tim therapeutic procedure hemorrhoids are illuminated by infrared light, which causes congestion and coagulation of blood vessels. This method is indicated for the initial hemorrhoids. In advanced does not lead to lasting success in treatment. The method is popular because it does not require any special preparation nor need sick leave.
In case of more pronounced hemorrhoids unresponsive to conservative therapy and frequent infections and bleeding, the best permanent solution is a surgical approach that removal of hemorrhoids (hemorrhoidectomy). There are various ways of removing hemorrhoidal nodes: the classic surgical operations called by various authors until their modifications. The basic principle in all these operations is ligation (ligation) and the removal of hemorrhoids. Operations can be performed under local or general anesthesia. Before the surgery should be required to do rektoskopiju, and if necessary, a colonoscopy or irrigography. Rectoscopy the final examination of the colon up to 25 cm in depth, considering that it is just that the most commonly found pathological changes in the colon. Colonoscopy and barium enema examinations are around the colon.
Some 20 years ago a popular method of surgery, cryotherapy (freezing) abandoned due to adverse side effects, while laser surgery, because of the high cost and equally painful sensations, has no advantages over conventional techniques. Among other common method is ligation of hemorrhoids gumiligaturama with a special instrument staple, under general anesthesia, and is used in very large piles and dropping the final part of the colon (proplaps)

The postoperative course of the patient must regulate the chair, eating lighter foods and take painkillers if needed. Pain after surgery can be quite pronounced, which depends not only on the extent of surgery but also the sensitivity of the patient. For major surgery recovery takes about a month.
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