blue waffles disease

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blue waffles disease

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blue waffles disease symptoms and treatment malicious against women - and it is supposed to be funny.
Blue Waffles Disease could possibly be healed if we're very careful in the every day job. You need to know that "Care is much better than Cure". Several strategies that may be beneficial to heal this Blue Vaginal infections and sexually transmitted diseases can impair health vagina

The vagina is a good indicator of the blue waffles disease blog general health of the organs of reproduction - if you maintain a healthy, that's the first step of maintaining the health of other organs of reproduction. Therefore vagina always peri only water, avoid foods that favor the formation of mucus, used condom and wearing cotton underwear

We bring you an extract from the book "Natural Health Bible for Women", Dr Marilyn Glenville, published by the School of the book where you can learn more about the health of the vagina.
Balanced ecosystem of healthy bacteria

The vagina is a delicate ecosystem balance of healthy bacteria (lactobacilli) that is maintained acidic, which is not conducive to infections, and constantly battling unhealthy bacteria. The vagina has a self-sustaining system that fights bacteria and, if healthy, could be cleaner than the mouth.

Although some women in the vagina have less healthy bacteria than others (and are therefore more susceptible to infections), much can disrupt the healthy ecosystem. Prejudicial frequently changing sexual partners, vaginal infections and antibiotics, which kill and healthy and unhealthy bacteria.

In normal conditions the walls of the vagina secrete an acidic mucus that keeps away unhealthy organisms. When you disturb the ecosystem of the vagina produces too much mucus in order to maintain cleanliness and created an unhealthy discharge. Changes in vaginal discharge often indicates not only infection but also to the general hormonal imbalance or even clean.
What happens when something goes wrong

The most common form of vaginal infection thrush or candidiasis. No other vaginal infections, and chlamydia, gonorrhea and other sexually transmitted diseases can seriously disrupt health vagina.
Proper care of the vagina

The most important thing is to maintain hygiene. Then the healthy bacteria develop unhindered. Do not you clean it regularly input into the vagina, will create a discharge that attracts unhealthy bacteria. However, we advise flushing the vagina. Water injection into the vagina disturbs its pH and it becomes alkaline, meaning that destroys healthy bacteria. Many rinses containing fragrances and soaps that irritate the lining of the vagina. Rinse the vagina with plain water.
Pelvic inflammatory disease

This name (which stands PID) describes each infected organ for reproduction. Infection does not necessarily affect the vagina. It may occur in the ovaries, the fallopian tubes or uterus. Symptoms of pelvic inflammatory disease are similar to the symptoms of many vaginal infections, but they are often much stronger. You will probably follow and fever. Pelvic inflammatory disease can endanger your life and see a doctor immediately if you suspect you may be suffering from it.
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