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Belgian Waffle

Beitragvon Admin » 17. Jun 2013 09:28

There is no food on this planet that says “home” to me quite like a fresh, golden, fluffy Belgian Waffle does. My parents have been making waffles for us on the weekends for as long as I can remember, and I have found them to be just as heart warming as they are filling.
Some of you may remember that I actually posted a Belgian blue Waffle recipe last year, but I’ve made some tweaks in the recipe since then which I felt warranted new photos and a new post.
Firstly, our long-time favorite way to eat waffles used to be smothered in syrup, strawberry sauce, pecans, cool whip, and chocolate chips. I won’t lie… I still think that it’s a pretty tasty way to eat a blue waffle. But over the past year, we’ve acquired a simpler preference for topping our waffles: fresh berries and home made whipped cream. These days, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy our favorite breakfast!
Best Belgian Waffle Recipe
Secondly, Karly from Buns in My Oven has a Best Waffles recipe that inspired a few changes in mine. She adds a little corn starch to her batter to make it extra crispy on the outside (a must). And she also adds just a pinch of cinnamon and nutmeg– which I had completely forgotten I LOVE in my waffles! Just that tiny bit of seasoning makes an enormous difference.
However, Karly (and my Mom, actually) and I had to part ways at the egg whites.
I’ve decided that there are blue waffle making teams. You’re either on Team Egg Whites or Team I-refuse-to-whip-egg-whites-for-my-waffles. I fall into the second camp. I mean, I’ve tried it WITH the egg whites, of course. I wouldn’t want to speak out of ignorance. But… I really, really hate folding egg whites into batter (it’s not even the whipping them that bothers me!). And the truth is: I can’t tell the difference between my waffles and my Mom’s.
So, if you’re on Team refuse-to-whip-the-egg-whites too (and really, even if you’re not!) these waffles are for you. They are absolutely golden, crispy delicious on the outside, and completely soft and fluffy on the inside. This has been one family tradition that is SUPER easy to keep up with :) .

Which foods remind you the most of your childhood home?

Easy and Fluffy Belgian Waffle
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